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Active Administrator

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Discover how Active Administrator helps you simplify your day-to-day Active Directory management tasks while ensuring security, delegation, auditing and more.

Simplified Active Directory management from a single console

Active Administrator is a complete and integrated Microsoft Active Directory (AD) management software solution that fills the administration gaps native tools leave behind. With Active Administrator, it’s easier and faster than native tools to meet auditing requirements and security needs while also maintaining business continuity and increasing IT efficiency.

Better yet, all of this can be done from a single pane of glass. See for yourself how easy it can be to address the most important areas of AD management.

And now you can extend the power of Active Administrator to all aspects of your AD environment with additional modules for:


Integrated, proactive administration

Manage the most important elements of Active Directory from one solution with integrated functionality. Simpler and faster than using multiple native tools or point solutions, an integrated approach helps you meet auditing requirements, tighten security, increase productivity and improve business continuity with ease.

Streamlined security permissions

Get a quick understanding of AD security with Active Administrator’s tree view of containers and associated objects. Then delegate control quickly and consistently with customizable and reusable templates. Eliminate over-privileged users by assessing, standardizing and applying security policies and permissions.

Intuitive reporting and alerting

Quickly monitor and report on changes by filtering event type, user, and date, as well as user logon and lockout activity. Using report data, you can configure event alerts and automate alert-based actions, enabling you to quickly respond to – and correct – improper changes to AD.

Automated backup and recovery

Save time by scheduling automated backups. Then easily recover entire AD objects or just particular security settings or attributes; or quickly restore a GPO to a previous known state. The ability to granularly recover Active Directory and Group Policy ensures business continuity when unwanted changes or deletions occur.

Simplified Group Policy management

Copy, edit and test GPOs in a secure, offline environment. Comparison reports help you quickly understand GPO changes. You can also stay on top of GPO changes with automated checks, and easily roll back a GPO to a previous known state. These advanced management capabilities enable you to operate more efficiently.

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Complete AD health assessments

Monitor health and performance with assessment reports and dashboard views of AD configuration, replication and domain controllers to ensure availability of Active Directory. Easily add or remove domain controllers, switch to another domain controller, connect through remote desktop, and reboot domain controllers with the DC Management Module.

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