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Adams, Stevens & Bradley, Ltd. is a nationwide collection agency specializing in debt recovery. Our company is headquartered New York City. However we offer a full range of services in many locations including, but not limited to, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont and Virginia. Please call to find out how we can help you customize your needs. Our collection specialists are experienced in recovering delinquent accounts in the shortest time possible.

The timely receipt of payment for products or services sold is a critical element of any successful business. Since our collection agency does not get paid unless you get paid we strive for quick and efficient results in debt recovery on your delinquent accounts.

Adams, Stevens & Bradley, Ltd. is committed to handle your company’s delinquent receipts professionally, thoroughly and quickly. We are a licensed and bonded collection agency as well as members of the American Collectors and the International Association of Commercial Collectors Association.

At Adams, Stevens & Bradley, Ltd. we strive to provide your company with an excellent and respectable way to collect debt. Our commercial debt collection agency handles commercial as well as consumer accounts, and we handle all of our accounts with respect and integrity. We operate out of 450 7th Avenue in Suite 1608 and our New York collection agency extends its reach across the nation.

We provide many customized services to many states. As a national collection agency . the diversity of people we deal with assists us in operating efficiently and swiftly across the entire country. We specialize in recovering accounts with expedience, making this an easy process for your company. Collecting bad debt no longer has to be a burden on your shoulders, simply allow us to handle all your delinquent accounts for you.

We make sure that you are always well informed; sending monthly updates as well as providing status information via telephone whenever you need it. Our commercial collection agency also integrates technology into our services, enabling seamless data transfer. Our technology also lets us handle many accounts. These features make us one of the best collection agencies in the nation.

Are you ready to utilize our exceptional services? Read through our informative articles to learn more about our debt recovery agency . Everything you’ll need to know about legal issues, collections, and the process is contained in those articles. Whether you’re looking for commercial or medical collection agencies . you’ll soon realize that Adams, Stevens, & Bradley, Ltd. is the right choice.

450 7th Avenue Suite 1608 – New York, NY 10123 – Tel: (888) 669-8332 – (212) 695-8050

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