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Atlanta Debt Collection Lawyers

Howe and Associates Featured In Attorney At Law Magazine

Debt lawyers

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Debt lawyers

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Debt lawyersDebt lawyers

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Debt lawyers

Debt lawyers

Howe Associates was featured as Trial Law Firm of the Month in Attorney At Law Magazine.

The firm has managed over 80,000 debt collection cases that puts emphasis to its tenacity, value and litigation expertise.

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Debt lawyers

Richard Howe is a frequent instructor on the subject of Debt Collection Law in Georgia, passing on his knowledge to other attorneys. Hear him speak at the next National Business Institute’s course entitled “Debt Collection from Start to Finish”.

Frequently Asked Debt Collection Questions (VIDEOS)

Call: 678-566-6800 Now for a FREE Debt Collection Consultation

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Proudly serving Metro Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia

Atlanta Debt Collection Attorney Serving the Entire State of Georgia

Howe and Associates is an Atlanta debt collection and trial law firm dedicated to providing creditors with the highest quality legal counsel available in order to obtain the recovery of delinquent debts. With a team of vastly experienced debt collection lawyers, recognized as top professionals in the debt collection and legal communities, we will provide proven and aggressive legal support at this critical time.

The firm’s high collection percentages, legal expertise, skilled advice in every phase of the collection process and across most every industry, timely reporting, and trial skills are the cornerstones of our practice and are the factors that allow us to stand above the crowd. In addition, our state of the art Collection Master™ software provides for the tracking of each debt collection claim handled by the firm, providing a truly interactive link between our performance and the client’s satisfaction. With knowledge gained from over two decades of litigating debt collection cases that has established our firm as an industry leader, we will employ every legal statute on our client’s behalf to ensure that everything has been done to collect the debt. From pre-judgment attorney demands, the filing of the lawsuit, discovery, and trial, to post judgment collections including garnishments and property levies and attorney fee recovery, our firm provides innovative, time-sensitive and cost effective solutions for creditors.

AV Preeminent“ Rated Law Firm by Martindale-Hubbell

Debt lawyers

Howe Associates has achieved an esteemed “AV Preeminent” Rating by the Martindale- Hubbell Legal Directory, which, over the past 130 years has established the ratings of lawyers nationwide through a system of complex scoring formulas and criteria. With only a small percentage of attorneys in the country attaining this respected status, and only the most experienced being considered as candidates, the AV Rating is a testament from peer legal professionals and judges that the firm “clearly indicates a demonstration of the highest professional knowledge and ethical standards”. In fact, it is the highest rating available and indicates the firm has reached the pinnacle of legal ability and competence.

We ve Collected On Over 80,000 Cases Since 1985

Debt lawyers

Conducting business on credit is a necessary component of running any successful business. Without it, most companies could not operate at maximum efficiency. On most occasions, the credit cycle works effectively. However, there are occasions when, for a variety of reasons, your once valued client suddenly turns into a debtor. When faced with these changed circumstances, swift and effective action is critical. One of the most important decisions a company can make faced with a delinquency is selecting the debt collection attorney and collection law firm who will work vigorously to protect their legal rights.

Commercial Debt Collection in Atlanta, Georgia

Debt lawyers

Because the debt collection process actually starts even before credit is extended, the establishment of proven procedures from the outset will result in fewer bad debts and a higher collection percentage down the road. As a part of our service, and at no additional cost, our debt collection lawyers will provide advice to our creditor clients on the creation of credit applications, contracts, deeds to secure debt, UCC liens, and creditor representation in bankruptcy proceedings, designed to take advantage of all creditor remedies. In Georgia, there are many laws in the favor of the creditor. You just need to know where to find them.

The consultation will include an honest assessment, clear talk, real world suggestions and absolutely no obligations.

NO COLLECTION, NO FEE… Only Pay If We Collect

If we do not collect money for you, you will not owe us any attorney fees. *Georgia ethic rules require us to inform you that court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client. Contingent attorney fees are not permitted in all types of cases; however, they are permitted in debt collection cases.

Thousands of people have taken advantage of our No Collection, No Fee to help them secure legal representation!

For experienced debt collection services and representation from experienced debt collection attorneys, contact our office for a free consultation. Call now: 678-566-6800

Debt lawyers

Call: 678-566-6800 Now for a FREE Debt Collection Consultation

You’ll receive an honest assessment, real world suggestions and absolutely no obligation

Proudly Serving the Entire State of Georgia

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For over 25 years, Howe Associates has been committed to providing high quality legal representation for Debt Collection Solutions. We are real trial lawyers seeking full justice for real people.

Howe AssociatesDebt lawyers

10 Glenlake Pkwy NE #130

If you are having a problem with client delinquencies, our Atlanta Debt Collection Attorneys can help you. You may contact us by email below or call 678-566-6800.

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