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move went very well and employees went the extra mile packing and moving stuff in both locations for us.

2. D L Movers

Serving the Agoura Hills, CA area

D L Movers is an easy, stress free, and affordable option when you find yourself in a season of life that comes with relocation. Whether that relocation is for business or personal, we are the compa

3. Knauer Pianos

29360 Roadside Dr

Agoura Hills. CA

Original Yelp Review 1/19/2011 I have been teaching piano professionally for over 13 years, throughout Orange County, Diamond Bar area and the San Fernando Valley. I have dealt with dozens of piano an

4. Good Hands Movers

5159 Clareton Dr

Agoura Hills. CA

Tips Advices

Do piano movers provide references?

Many piano movers provide references. These references may come from former clients who are satisfied with the service they’ve received. In some cases, these references may come from piano technicians who have worked with these piano movers in a professional capacity.

Why does the age and brand of piano impact the moving cost?

The age and brand of a piano impacts moving costs because these details indicate its size and weight, and a piano’s size and weight directly impact moving costs. Different brands are made with varying types of wood, and the wood used affects the weight of the piano. Older pianos made by brands such as Bosendorfer and Fazioli are typically heavier than more modern models.

How many people does it take to move a piano?

The amount of people required to move a piano is dependent on the piano’s size and weight. A small upright piano usually weighs between 200 and 300 pounds, and one of these instruments can be moved by two strong individuals. A grand piano can weigh more than 1,000 pounds, and moving one of these instruments requires as many as four or five movers.

What information is necessary to get a price quote for moving a piano?

To get a price quote for moving a piano, let the mover know whether the piano is an upright or a grand piano, and provide the mover with the piano’s height, measured from the floor to its lid. In many cases, movers will be able to discern this information if you simply provide them with the age and brand of the piano. Share information regarding your current location and the destination to which the piano is being moved. If there are obstacles such as stairs, steps, or tight turns, these need to be communicated to the piano mover. You should also let the piano mover know the date and time of the move.

How are pianos moved?

Pianos may be moved in several ways, and the method chosen will depend on the piano’s size and design. A four-wheel dolly is often used, and this can do a tremendous job of simplifying the moving process. In many cases, a piano will need to have its legs and other parts removed before being mounted to the dolly.

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November 18, 2016

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