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Welcome to Mensheds Australia website

Men s sheds are now established as part of the health infrastructure that supports programs to improve men s health and well being.

The focus of Mensheds Australia is on building the sustainability of men s sheds. We believe that the sustainable shed will have assured financial resources and that their own commercial activities will be an important element. Men s sheds are a social enterprise that create value and that value should form the basis of assured revenue from those that benefit from shed activities.

The men s health program is crucial for all sheds. Sheds need to find the men s health niche in their community and build their programs to achieve health outcomes. That will require resources and partnerships with the many health agencies and other community organisations.

Mensheds Australia works to understand the objectives and needs of the sheds and matches that to support resources from the business and public sectors.

The reorientation of our efforts will be reflected in the website as it is redeveloped over coming weeks. In the interim, we encourage sheds and potential resource providers to join us in this journey.

Listen to Mensheds Australia CEO, Alex Petridis talk about Mensheds on an interview on ABC Radio

Mensheds Australia Ltd. is a not-for-profit Australian Public Company, Limited by Guarantee, dedicated to supporting and resourcing men s sheds across Australia.

Mensheds Australia is a registered Health Promotion Charity and endorsed as a Deductibility Gift Recipient (DGR), ACN No 122 352 372 .

If you are looking for a shed near you go to the shed locator. That will indicate nearby sheds and provide a contact for you. Note that all sheds have their own set of programs and activities. You may need to contact more than one shed to find one that offers what would suit your needs.

If you are looking to donate something to a shed, use the shed locator to find a nearby shed and contact them to establish whether they can make use of what you are offering. If you have something of general interest to sheds, contact the help desk.

Men s Health Week 2014

Celebrating Your AchieveMENts!

This year, Men s Health Week is about celebrating the great things our boys and our blokes bring to our lives!

Through the different parts of our lives, men and boys are celebrating their everyday achievements and getting healthy in the process.

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