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Keeps tabs on Businesses identifying events which may expose our clients to increased commercial risk in the long run [. ]

Keeps you rapidly informed as to negative events on the name searched against [. ]

Our subscribed members can track debt collection case progress [. ]

Comas is one of the market leaders in credit protection. We offer cutting-edge solutions to problems concerning the risk of insolvency and debt collection not only in Italy but worldwide.

The Italian Company Credit Report is an indispensable tool, allowing analysis of the economic and financial situation of an Italian company; highlighting the payments situation and any incidental insolvencies.

The Italian Company Credit Report includes balance sheet items and ratios, risk assessment, bankruptcy evaluation, and expresses the maximum recommended credit limit.

The Italian Company Business Report is a complete investigative report integrating the most important official data about the company being examined, with unofficial confidential data, obtained through high-precision intelligence activities. Every Italian Company Business Report includes the comment of an analyst, highlighting the most important information gathered about the Italian Company under investigation.

The Worldwide Company Business Report is an informative report containing business, legal, economic and financial information, disclosed in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the company operates. The information, which is obtained by qualified foreign correspondents, is thoroughly reviewed by our expert analysts.

COMAS handles debt collection in Italy using its own investigative practices, together with a consolidated information network. This operative methodology has been developed over years and is aimed at eliminating debt collection hassles.

COMAS also offers qualitative debt collection in other parts of the world, using a comprehensive network of qualified, international partners. This applies both to debt collection procedures and as regards the retrieval of a debtor’s financial information, where legal action is envisaged.

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