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Debt Collection Software to Control, Manage and Automate your collection processes

Capone is an enterprise end-to-end collection platform that helps companies reduce bad debt and improve their cash flow, while optimizing collection costs.

Manage debt

Manage debt

360 VIEW

A complete 360 image of a debtor is essential in the collection process. In order to shape the collection flows, Capone offers several configurable hierarchical levels which accommodate different collection scenarios.

Manage debt


Using collection strategies adapted to the customer portfolio structure is the key to success! Capone provides a user-friendly interface for the business users to set up both timeline and workflow strategies used in different collection stages.

Manage debt


Using the reporting tool integrated with Capone, different types of reports can be defined in order to monitor the process, agents and vendors’ performance.

Manage debt

ING Bank Romania

„Capone is a flexible platform adaptable to any new collection policy. ASF Team delivers professional and efficient services and they manage to make our job much easier.“

Retail Collection Manager

Manage debt

„We are very satisfied because now we have a modern and performant Collection System which complies with our business requirements and also gives outstanding benefits to our customers.“

Credit Collection and Accounts Receivable Director

Manage debt

Banca Romaneasca SA

„Banca Romaneasca has been constantly using Capone for some years now, and we appreciate the flexibility of this application, the technical solutions quality and the support Advantage Software Factory has been offering.“

Manage debt

UniCredit Tiriac Bank SA

„Implementing Capone Collection System was a milestone for an efficient and automatic collection system in UniCredit Tiriac Bank.“

Manage debt

Kredyt Inkaso Romania

„ASF TEAM proved once again, that is able to deliver a customized software, multiple filling operations but still easy to use. Thanks to their experience, the special business needs of Kredyt Inkaso were successfully implemented on the Romanian branch Infrastructure.“

Manage debt

UniCredit Consumer Financing Bulgaria

„The Capone Collection System is flexible, easy to deal with and allowed us to increase team productivity starting with the first month of use. All improvements of the collection process can be easily configured and monitored. In addition the support team of ASF is always ready to assist in case of need.“

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Choose your industry

Manage debt


Capone Banking is an enterprise debt collection solution that enables collection departments to manage and control all stages of the collection process.

Manage debt


Capone Telco helps telecom companies reduce bad debt and improve the cash flow while optimizing collection costs and maintaining a good customer relationship.

Manage debt


Capone Agencies is the core system that enables collection agencies to manage all operational activities performed for both servicing and debt purchased cases.

Manage debt


Capone Utilities helps collection departments control, manage and automate all collection stages, providing a wide range of specific functionalities.

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