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Credit Card Debt Settlement with Jared Strauss

I m a former debt collection expert. I help people settle ALL of their delinquent debts at the same time. I charge 10-15% of what I save you with no upfront fees.

Since 2002, I’ve been fighting hard for consumers by educating them about the dangers of long-term debt settlement programs. And I’ve been helping them by figuring out ways to settle their debts right away instead.

I ve dedicated my website to helping people gain a true understanding of how debt settlement really works and to dispelling the myths revolving around credit and debt on the Internet.

The average time to complete my debt negotiation program is 108 days

  • The goal of my debt negotiation service is to negotiate settlements on all of your enrolled accounts at the same time.
  • You will have the option to not spend any money until you know what all of your enrolled debts will settle for and if the outcome solves your problem.
  • If you don t like the result and decide not to settle any of your debts, you will not be charged.
  • Learn more about my service guarantee.

Debt Settlement has a bad reputation

And rightfully so. You should be skeptical if you re considering debt settlement. I m unfortunately in an industry that is known for not thinking about consumers first. You ve probably heard many horror stories regarding consumers experiences with debt settlement.

I heard the same horror stories when I literally spoke with 1,000 s of these victims myself back when I was in the collection industry. The thing is, it s not debt settlement itself that s the problem. Settling is the norm when your accounts are in collection.

The problem with the debt settlement industry is the method in which debt settlement is commonly offered.

Most debt settlement companies offer programs that are projected to take years. This is just way too long because of your exposure to the risks of not paying your bills for that period of time.

Please refer to my 4-part series on debt settlement to gain a better understanding of how debt settlement really works.

Compare Methods

Credit card debt relief

  • Time to complete
  • Exposure to interest
  • Exposure to lawsuits
  • Time to recover
  • Uncertainty of outcome
  • Typical fee
  • Typical success rate

Long-Term Method

Credit card debt relief

  • 24-48 months

A typical debt settlement program takes 24–48 months.

This is way too long. The reason: while you’re in a debt settlement program, you’re not making any payments to your creditors. This is dangerous for you when you consider the higher probability of being sued once you go beyond 12–18 months of delinquency.

The common-sense approach to successfully settling credit card debts is to settle them before those lawsuits generally start happening.

When you do not pay your creditors for years (which is exactly what you are doing when settling your debts via a long-term approach), your balances may increase substantially due to Interest.

And, if your creditors pursue you legally, you risk being further exposed to attorneys fees and court costs.

When you attempt to settle your debts over a period of years, you won’t be making any payments to your accounts.

The only time your accounts will be financially addressed is when they are actually settled.

Naturally, when you do not pay your creditors, you expose yourself to the risk of lawsuits. The risk of lawsuits is increased further when a debt settlement company prematurely represents you (contacts your creditors when no financial ability to settle exists).

You will generally regain new, unsecured credit within 24 months of resolving your last delinquent account.

If it takes you 4 years to settle all of your debts, assuming that you are part of the 10% that actually does, it will generally take you a total of 6 years to recover.

Most people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy generally acquire new, unsecured credit within 2 years of discharge.

Based on recovery, Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes more sense when compared to a long-term debt settlement approach.

It is important you understand the reason why collectors, attorneys, and credit card companies negotiate settlements.

They do so due to your collectability.

The more collectable you are, the less negotiable they are.

As you settle your debts one-by-one via a long-term approach, you increase your risk of paying higher percentage settlements to your remaining creditors, since you become more collectable with each settlement you conduct.

Example: with $50,000 in enrolled debt that is settled for 40% ($20,000) a typical fee would be $10,000.

According to the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) the FTC, less than 10% of consumers who enroll into a long-term debt settlement program settle all of their enrolled debts.

The reason for this is simple. People are being put into 3- and 4-year long programs and a lot of them get sued (many by multiple creditors) usually when their accounts become greater than 12–18 months behind.

Click the link below to read the report. The 10% success rate can be referenced in the first paragraph on the second page.

Settling Right Away

Credit card debt relief

  • On average 108 days

The problem for the majority of people who possess an asset or other financial resource and are behind on their debt, is that the amount of money they can generate from their asset isn’t enough to solve their entire delinquent problem.

So for many, it doesn t make sense to utilize the resource if they will still have a large amount of delinquent outstanding debt with no solution for it.

I developed my debt settlement method for people who are in this situation so they can get expert help with settling as much of their delinquent debt as they can with the resource that’s available to them.

By settling your debts quickly, you reduce the exposure of being assessed interest from years to months.

Since I limit my services to people who can settle right away, lawsuits filed after enrollment into my service are uncommon.

There is very little reason for a creditor to file a lawsuit if they are in discussions to resolve the account quickly.

Providing that I settle or re-age all of your delinquent accounts, you will generally regain new, unsecured credit within 24 months of completing my service.

Providing that you do not have any lates on your mortgage history, you should also generally qualify (credit-wise) for a conventional mortgage after 24 months. And if you wanted to buy or refinance via FHA, you should generally qualify (credit-wise) after 12 months.

Since I only take on clients who can settle their debts right away, I am able to offer you a level of protection that no long-term debt settlement program can offer.

Since I negotiate all of your enrolled accounts at the same time, with the goal of settling them at the same time, I am able to give you the option of knowing exactly what each and every creditor will settle for, before paying your settlements.

I charge 15% of what I save you if your total enrolled debt is less than $150,000.

I charge 12% of what I save you if your total enrolled debt is between $150,000 and $299,999.

I charge 10% of what I save you if your total enrolled debt is $300,000 or more.

Between 1/1/2012-6/15/2017, 95.12% of my clients settled or entered into a payment plan on ALL of their enrolled accounts.

Why the difference? What is the best possible thing you could do when you’re behind on your debts? Address and resolve them right away, right?

That’s why I have the highest success rate in the debt relief industry. Because that is the entire premise of my service. I don’t encourage people to financially ignore their creditors for years.

My approach is the exact opposite. I help you find a way to resolve your debts right away.

Credit card debt relief

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