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Debt collection from ABC Debt Recovery

If you wish to utilise our excellent debt collection service, ABC Debt Recovery. we are pleased to be able to offer proven proactive methods and bespoke solutions ensuring quick payment and settlement of outstanding invoices and accounts.

ABC Debt Recovery

Our sister company ABC Debt Recovery, also part of SHCE Limited, is provides a range of flexible debt collection and debt recovery solutions that are simple, effective and proven to deliver results.

They collect both commercial debts and consumer debts, all at competitive rates, as well as providing a number of complementary services, including tracing, process serving and legal services.

They are licenced by the FCA and offer a two tier debt collection process either telephone calls and letters, or telephone calls, letters and field agent visits.

Supporting Legal Services

Should the debtor still refuse to pay, our own Money Claim Online service offers a simple, easy to use method of issuing your undisputed claim against your debtor. Our experienced team of associate solicitors will take the complication out of the sometimes daunting court procedure. Please contact us for further information.


This will enable you to use a variety of enforcement methods to recover the monies owed. Should the total sum of the judgment, including the court costs, exceed 600 you can utilise the extensive powers of our own High Court Enforcement Officers . boasting the highest collection rates available.

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Updated Guide to Enforcement eBook

In line with the new Taking Control of Goods regulations we have updated our free eBook Guide to Judgment Enforcement .

For more information please contact us or call us on 0333 001 5100

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