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The Duringer Law Group, PLC is one of the country’s largest and most experienced landlord tenant law firms specializing in evictions and in the collection of debt. The attorneys at the Duringer Law Group have successfully handled over 235,000 landlord tenant litigation matters and have collected over $120,000,000 for their clients since 1988. A recognized leader in the rental housing industry for over twenty five years, the firm represents owners and managers of residential and commercial income property exclusively.

Stephen C. Duringer, Esq., the firm’s founder, has been an owner of commercial and residential income properties in California, Arizona, Texas, and Montana for many years. He has been very active in numerous leadership positions in the rental housing industry at the local, state and federal level. He currently serves as a member and/or officer of several boards of directors of local and state housing industry and business development groups. He is a past President of the Apartment Association of Orange County (“AAOC”). Mr. Duringer is a frequent speaker at local and state housing industry trade shows and gatherings. His articles, including his widely published ‘Legal Corner’ are included in the housing industry’s best and most read publications in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and throughout the US. Mr. Duringer brings an owner’s perspective to the practice of law.

The firm’s client base is broad; the firm represents the interests of individual owners with just a few units, property management companies large and small, apartment communities, institutional owners, REITs, local and regional shopping centers, industrial, office and commercial developers and owners, cities, counties, and the federal government.

The firm’s unparalleled experience and knowledge has made the Duringer Law Group the law firm more property owners and managers turn to again and again.

  • Representing Landlords since 1988
  • More than 245,000 successful evictions
  • Over $155,000,000 in recovered debt
  • Unparalleled experience and expertise
  • Efficient and effective representation

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