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In case you are wondering about how we define educational members: An educational member is the unit located within a college or university that offers degree programs in business education. That translates to over 1,200 member campuses, out of which over 190 are Associate degree members and more than 1,000 are Baccalaureate or Graduate degree members. Our membership extends across the globe, with over 50 countries that make up the membership.

As an ACBSP member, the business unit receives access to specialized business accreditation and international recognition as part of ACBSP’s global network of business schools. Educational members receive exclusive access to best practice examples to support their accreditation process, training programs focused on continuous improvement for faculty and administration, and awards and programs that add value to the business unit.

Benefits and Joining ACBSP

Joining is easy. Download the Benefits of Membership Pamphlet to find the member enrollment form. Fill it out and send dues to ACBSP.

Member Institutions

The table below shows all ACBSP member institutions. Click the column headers to sort alphabetically .

Membership in ACBSP does not confer accreditation and inclusion in this list should not be interpreted as achieving accreditation, unless specified. The following describes the accreditation or membership status of an institution.

  • A – Accredited – Indicates accredited business programs.
  • C – Candidate for Accreditation – Indicates the business programs are officially working towards obtaining accreditation.
  • M – Member Only – Indicates the business programs are not accredited and the business program is a member only.

More information on the difference between Programmatic and Institutional Accreditation, as well as program perfomance, can be found at the bottom of this page .

ACBSP accredits business programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree levels; the only business program accrediting body that does so. The following describes the level of degrees granted by the business unit.

This list was last updated on June 2, 2017.

If you have questions regarding a specific school or general questions about ACBSP accreditation, please contact us at 913-339-9356 or via our online contact form.

Program Accreditation vs. Institutional Accreditation

ACBSP accredits business program. ACBSP does not accredit the institution, only the business programs offered at the institution. Most businesses and universities reviewing transcripts and accepting degrees for employment or advance degrees base their decisions on the existence of action by a local, regional or national authority regarding the institution and the authority to grant degrees. Program accreditation from ACBSP may not be considered sufficient when accepting degrees or credits for transfer.

For institutions located within the United States, regional accreditation of the institution is required for membership and accreditation eligibility. No other country has the equivalent of regional accreditation. In countries outside the U.S. the government or agency designated by the government may provide the authority to grant degrees. The government or the authority may be local, regional, national, or on occasion no government entity exists to assume this authority.

When considering business programs, students are encouraged to contact institutions they may wish to attend in the future as well as the human resource department of specific employers. Degree acceptance policies will vary by institution and employer.

Program Performance Information

CHEA Standard 12B.1. requires accredited programs to routinely provide reliable information to the public on their performance, including student achievement. Click here to view evidence of how ACBSP accredited business programs are in compliance with the standard.

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