Eliminate Credit Card Debt #consolidate #debt

#eliminate credit card debt


Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Don t Fall Into the Trap. Quit Paying the Banks Twice! Erase Your Ignorance and the Fear And Financial Stress Will Release Itself.

With Contract Law you can get them into a lawful binding contract that the balance on your account is $0.00 and to remove it from your credit report. If you can hold it (don t turn back and admit to any debt), then your new contract will supersede any previous contracts and the banks have no standing in court.

Contracts are dynamic and fluid they move. Contracts are the legal relationship between the parties and are manifested via signs, acts, and conduct. They can be oral or expressed or just implied. The piece of paper that is signed is not the contract; but a record or memorialization of the contract at that given point in time only.

All court procedures and financial matters have to do heavily with contract law. You can get your remedy for your mortgage, student loans debt, civil/criminal summons , and much more by learning Contract Law.

Here is another client we helped who was sued by Bank of America. We helped her A4V the summons and send the accompanying notices to the court; and the case was dismissed and is now closed. She never had to go to court, and this was done in six weeks.

Here is another example of an order from our friend who did a Private Administrative Process via Capital One s Attorney s. They consented to our offer and our Private Contract Agreement (one of the terms state that the balance is $0.00 ), through acceptance through repeated Non-Response (creating a non-judicial judgment ). We mailed copies to the Judge in the case, and our friend won without ever having to show up to court as you can see, CAPITAL ONE could not and have not gotten a judgment.

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