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Experts Resolving Large Tax Debt

Fresh Start Tax Relief Program

Tax Resolution Specialists

At Tax Advisory Group aka Tax Law Advisory we use our experience, expertise, and planning to aggressively negotiate on behalf of taxpayers until a settlement is reached that is sensible and affordable for our clients. We take pride in our honesty, integrity, and the hard work it takes to successfully resolve a tax problem.

Now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult for taxpayers to find competent and trustworthy tax resolution specialists. We are authorized to practice before the IRS and other taxing authorities in all 50 states. Let us begin to show you the difference in Tax Advisory Group aka Tax Law Advisory by offering a

free tax relief consultation.

Call us today to take the first step towards resolving your tax problems.

What Is The Fresh Start Program?

The Fresh Start initiative makes it easier for individuals and business taxpayers to pay back taxes, avoid IRS tax liens, and get tax relief from the IRS.

Proven 6 Step Process

What is Tax Resolution?

Tax Resolution covers tax matters such as: Income Tax Debt Relief, Tax Liens, Tax Levies, Offer in Compromise, IRS Installment Agreements, Tax Penalty Abatement, Wage Garnishment Releases, IRS Audits, IRS Audit Representation, Sales Tax Audits, Payroll Tax Audits, Negotiations and State Tax matters. When you owe money to the IRS or the State and your current financial situation makes it difficult for you to pay your Back or Current Taxes, you will find it most advantageous to work with our Tax Resolution Attorney or Enrolled Agent (who is directly certified by the IRS to represent tax payers)

What can Tax Resolution Professionals help me with?

The IRS is the largest collection agency that wields power of the U.S. If you have a problem with the IRS it can feel like a David vs Goliath situation. Having our team of Tax Resolution Attorneys or Enrolled Agents who are directly certified by the IRS to represent tax payers working with you will strengthen your position.

I live in a different state, do I have to travel to your office to receive help?

No, 80% of the tax resolutions we achieve for our clients, has been processed through email, phone, and fax communications. Most clients are located all over the United States. Our team of Tax Resolution Attorneys or Enrolled Agents (who are directly certified by the IRS to represent tax payers) communicates with various departments of the IRS which is done electronically or by phone and fax.

Once I retain your services, will the IRS continue to harass me?

No. Most clients are relieved not to have to deal directly with the tax authorities, while having the letters and calls cease. When you retain our tax resolution team, you can get back to the business of life — knowing we are working on the best possible tax resolution for your situation.

Can you settle my back taxes for pennies on the dollar?

Tax Professionals who specialize in this area of expertise can generally obtain a discount. Your financial situation will determine what our Tax Professionals can achieve. So contact us to take advantage of our free consultation to assess your current situation.

I have not filed a tax return in 7 years. I’m getting worried, can you help me?

Yes! We can contact the IRS on your behalf to obtain your tax information on file for the years you did not file your income tax returns. We will need you to provide us with your income and expense information to the best of your knowledge, then we can prepare the missing tax returns. We will review them with you and file them with the IRS, to bring you current and in compliance.

I owe the IRS more than I can afford to pay. How can you help me?

In your initial consultation we will get a good overview of your unique circumstances, so that our Tax Professionals can then assist you in finding the best tax resolution for your situation. Example: If you qualify for an Offer in Compromise – (which means that we can make “an offer to the IRS” that is typically significantly less than what you owe)

I have a CPA and an Attorney. Why do I need your services?

Your CPA and Attorney probably do a great job at handling your taxes and other legal matters in general. However, our Tax Firm specializes in helping clients find the best possible tax resolution for your current financial situation.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to contact us.

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Experts Resolving Large Tax Debt

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