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1 out of 5 children have a mental health diagnosis.

Bipolar Disorders

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Major Depression

Substance Use Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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Youth dynamics

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    How to Self-Care

    We are always looking for qualified therapists, counselors & mentors.

    I was just going to tell you why I have changed. It was cause of you. You are probably wondering why it was you. Because I looked up to you as a counselor, friend, and someone I would like to be some day.

    Youth Dynamics Alum

    It has helped to have the home visits each week, because if a problem comes up, we are able to deal with it right away, and learn how we, as parents, can effectively handle the situation and where we need to improve in our assessment of situations, and the resolving of it

    Youth Dynamics Alum

    Peg has helped all of us learn to communicate effectively with each other, and how to pick up on behaviors that are of concern. It is a great support system that really helps.

    Youth Dynamics Alum

    The staff are wonderful people that truly put the kids and their problems first.

    Youth Dynamics Alum

    YDI has helped me by being able to tell others how I feel inside. Recently I have had the most fun with my FSA worker. I have been very grateful for the time we have spent together, and still will spend.

    Youth Dynamics Alum

    I think the group home really helped. The staff are wonderful people that truly put the kids and their problems first.

    Youth Dynamics Alum

    “I like that it’s all on me and I’m part of what’s going on in my treatment”

    current Youth Dynamics client

    “I like how happy they are and they really invite you in.”

    current Youth Dynamics client

    Love the people in Boulder. My daughter was there for a few months. She went in feeling negative and left positive and had new ways to work with her challenges. She misses the staff and thinks of them often. You’ve made a good lasting impression and hope she uses what you’ve taught her.

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