House GOP Rips Mnuchin for His ‘Vote for the Debt Ceiling for Me’ Sales Pitch, bad debt expense.#Bad #debt #expense

House GOP Rips Mnuchin for His ‘Vote for the Debt Ceiling for Me’ Sales Pitch

Bad debt expense

Bad debt expense

House Vote Clears Debt Limit, Harvey Aid Package

Conservative House Republicans hissed and groaned at Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as he implored them to vote for a hurricane relief bill that includes a short-term extension of the federal debt limit.

Some Republicans, attending a closed-door meeting Friday, were infuriated by the sales pitch for the deal, especially when Mnuchin told them to vote for the debt ceiling for me, said Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina.

In an interview after the meeting, Representative Ted Yoho of Florida responded to Mnuchin s comments by saying: He s not one of my constituents!

Representative Dave Brat of Virginia said: The comments from the Treasury secretary today were not helpful. I found them to be intellectually insulting.

Bad debt expense

The House later in the morning passed the deal brokered by Democrats and President Donald Trump to suspend the debt limit, keep the government open through Dec. 8 and provide $15.25 billion in aid to flood victims in Texas and other parts of the Gulf coast. The measure, already passed by the Senate, now goes to Trump for his signature.

Republicans also laughed at White House budget director Mick Mulvaney during his presentation. Several said it was ironic that Mulvaney, who as a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus led several fights over the debt limit and pushed to shut down the government, pleaded with Republicans to pass the kind of measure he used to crusade against.

Representative Darrell Issa of California even joked in the meeting that more Freedom Caucus members should be hired by the Office of Management and Budget so that their views would change too. Walker said it got a little warm in there for Mulvaney.

Republicans complained that Mnuchin only took a few questions and didn t provide satisfactory responses. Mnuchin s presentation probably cost the administration votes, Walker said in an interview with C-Span s Newsmakers to air this weekend.

One question that I personally asked is: What does the debt ceiling look like in December, and the Treasury secretary could not answer that and many of us found that very troubling, Walker said.

After the meeting, Mnuchin left the building quickly, answering one question from a reporter as he departed, saying that he asked the House GOP to raise the debt ceiling.

At least one Republican defended Mnuchin.

I like his style, said Thomas Massie of Kentucky. He didn t put on any airs. There was no hidden agenda. He was what he was.

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