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IRS Tax Debt Relief Testimonials

I want to say Thank You! to everyone at Freedom Tax Relief! I was absolutely surprised by what they did, settling my back tax debt of $17,250 for only $97. I never expected my debt to the IRS to be settled for so little.

I knew I needed professional tax help, because I own my own business and had a great number of files to deal with. (It was the overwhelming number things to file that led to me misfiling and owing back taxes in the first place.) Before enrolling in Freedom Tax Relief s program, I had hired a local tax attorney to handle my problem with IRS – He got absolutely nothing done. So I finally fired him and went online, hoping for the best.

It became too much, the letters from the IRS, the threats to levy my accounts, it got so bad that I couldn t sleep. I developed a clenched jaw disorder where I was grinding my teeth at night. I couldn t handle it anymore. It was just too much.

We were lucky to find Freedom Tax Relief, which my husband and I discovered while researching our options on the internet.

Freedom Tax Relief was great! As an independent contractor, I have complicated tax filings and, well, guess who made a mistake with these filings? Yep, yours truly.

I was very, very, very happy with my experience with FTR. Everything worked great! It saved me over $100,000!

My IRS troubles came about unexpectedly. One day I was notified that the IRS was going to be garnishing my wages. Caught by surprised, I went online and started researching ways to get help. I started contacting programs that promised to resolve IRS issues, but they the ones I first looked into didn t fit my needs, or wanted thousands of dollars up front before things would even get started, or they just didn t seem right.

My troubles began after I was told that I had a life-threatening health situation. It was very serious, and having had already suffered one heart attack and felt like this was it. The doctors told me that I probably didn t have much time left, so I pulled out my entire 401k. I decided to have a Last Holiday – just like Queen Latifah in that movie [ Last Holiday, 2005]. Well, wouldn t you know it – here I am all these years later, still going.

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