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Jobs in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, FL Employment Information

Jacksonville, Florida, Overview

Jacksonville is Florida’s largest city by population (nearly 850,000). It also became the largest city by area (874.6 square miles) in the contiguous U.S. after Jacksonville consolidated with the rest of Duval County in 1968.

The Jacksonville area has a rich culture that includes performing arts, museums, professional sports and several colleges and universities.

Jacksonville Cost of Living

Jacksonville has a 93 cost of living index, which means that it is about 7 percent cheaper than the American average. It is also 7 percent cheaper than the Florida average. While more affordable than the average, Jacksonville does have some indexes that outpace the nation. For instance, utilities cost about 8 percent more and transportation costs about 7 percent more than the U.S. average.

Affordable housing (cost of living index is 67) and health care (cost of living index is 93) help make Jacksonville an attractive place for families and businesses.

Jacksonville has a $42,800 median income. The city’s mean price for all types of housing is just under $200,000, although families looking for detached homes can expect to spend at least $210,000.

Jacksonville Job Opportunities

The U.S. Navy is the largest employer for Jacksonville jobs. It operates three bases in Jacksonville, mostly because of its strategic location and large seaports. Anyone looking for Jacksonville, FL jobs should know the area’s top employers:

  • U.S. Navy
  • Duval County Public Schools
  • City of Jacksonville
  • Baptist Health
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Florida Blue
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Citi
  • JP Morgan Chase

Considering the large number of banking institutions, residents who have the right experience may want to pursue Jacksonville finance jobs. Those with experience in healthcare may want to search for jobs in Jacksonville, FL at one of the area’s large medical providers or smaller doctors’ offices operating in the area.

Jacksonville Employment Trends

Jacksonville’s unemployment rate has fallen steadily over the last four years. In July 2010, the city had an 11.8 percent unemployment rate. By July 2014, unemployment fell to 6.9 percent. Unemployment in Jacksonville is still higher than the nation or state, but it is showing strong signs of improvement.

Those who cannot find work with Jacksonville jobs may want to reach out to surrounding communities. Jacksonville Beach jobs. for instance, offer nearby opportunities in industries such as tourism, food and drink service and hospitality.

Assuming that job opportunities keep growing and unemployment continues shrinking, more people could have an easier time finding jobs in Jacksonville, FL, that match their interests and training.

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