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Third world debt

Third world debt

Demand debt relief for hurricane-hit islands

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  • Third world debt

Odious loans – write to your MP

  • Third world debt

    Ghana: How a new debt trap has been set

  • Third world debt

    The Never-Ending Austerity Story in Greece


    Third world debt

    10 key facts which show the truth about the UK’s debt crisis

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 13 November 2017

    Press Release: • Amount of interest being paid on government debt is at virtually the lowest level since records began • But the UK [ ]

    Third world debt

    African Finance Ministers call for greater transparency of PPPs

    Tim Jones, 25 October 2017

    Blog: Finance Ministers of low income Francophone countries have called for a range of measures to ensure the costs of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) [ ]

    Third world debt

    Hidden debts contribute to crisis in Congo

    Tim Jones, 18 October 2017

    Blog: Questions still to be answered about scale of hidden debts and who loans were from Congo and Chad both cannot repay, but [ ]

    Third world debt

    Impoverished countries are being sold a dangerous private finance scheme

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 12 October 2017

    Blog: A new manifesto has been launched by civil society organisations from all over the globe, to condemn this exploitative financial practice

    Third world debt

    The new developing world debt crisis

    Jubilee Debt Campaign, 11 October 2017

    Report: A new debt crisis has begun in impoverished countries. The UK needs to take responsibility now for the debt contracted under English [ ]

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    Third world debt

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    Third world debt

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    Third world debt

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    Third world debt

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    Third world debt

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