Jubilee USA Network, debt relief network.#Debt #relief #network

Debt relief network

Eric LeCompte Speaks at UN

Financing Development and Addressing Poverty in Wake of Hurricane Maria

Sign the Petition for Islands Affected by Irma and Maria

Take action to call on the IMF, World Bank, creditors, White House, and Congress to provide relief and support for Irma affected islands.

Winning Global Financial Policies

Building an economy that serves, protects, and promotes participation of the most vulnerable.

Debt relief network


Debt relief network

Debt relief network

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Faith and Development Groups Urge Congressional Action for Hurricane-Affected Islands‎

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Paradise Papers Jubilee Statement

Eric LeCompte Featured in Public Finance International

Catholic News Service Interviews Eric LeCompte on Caribbean Debt Relief

National Catholic Reporter Talks with Eric LeCompte about the Work of Archbishop Silvano Tomasi

Support Puerto Rico, Dominica Efforts on Jubilee Weekend

Catholic News Service Cites Jubilee USA’s Work on Hurricane Relief

Debt relief network


With your partnership, Jubilee USA organizes strategic and effective campaigns that impact hundreds of millions of people living in poverty. Your generous support is building a more transparent and inclusive economy.

Debt relief network

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