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Nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide care to hundreds of thousands of senior citizens and elderly individuals across the country. The care these individuals receive, however, often does not live up to the level of service that the assisted care facility claims to provide, leaving the elderly abused and neglected. In fact, many of these facilities are more concerned with the money they make rather than the care they provide.

Issues such as lack of attentive supervision, improper patient screening and being far understaffed lead to many careless mistakes and neglect. As a result, this abuse and neglect threatens the health and well-being of the residents, causing much pain and suffering to them as well as their families.

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When nursing homes or care facilities do not live up to their responsibilities to their residents, the nursing home attorneys of Lanzone Morgan, LLP can file a court action against them, seeking a judgment requiring them to pay due compensation for their mistreatment. This type of action creates incentive for these facilities to improve their level of care and to become more responsible.

Every life has value and dignity until the very end. Don t let this happen to our beloved elders. Don t let nursing homes or care centers get away with it. Call our attorneys now to put a stop to elder abuse and elder neglect and to hold abusers accountable for their actions. Contact an elder abuse attorney or lawyer in Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, California, Arizona, Nevada and Oklahoma today, or call the attorneys of Lanzone Morgan, LLP today to discuss your elder abuse or elder neglect case.

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