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Loan Repayment Calculator – Debt Relief Australia

This loan repayment calculator will compute a loan’s monthly repayment amount based on the principal borrowed, the length of the loan and the interest rate.

Once you have computed the monthly repayment, click on the “Create Amortisation Schedule” button and create a report you can print out. Note that each time you change one of the loan’s three variables you will need to recalculate the monthly repayment before creating the Amortisation Schedule.

Longer term loans may take a few moments for the report to be generated.

If you would like to find out more about lowering your monthly repayments and what methods would be most appropriate in your situation then fill in the following form or call Debt Relief on 1300 781 034 and our staff will assist you.

Debt Relief Australia can help you:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Manage your debt effectively
  • Make significant savings on interest
  • Plan for a debt free future
  • Negotiate with creditors to reduce your debt
  • Put a stop to creditor harassment
  • Relieve the debt burden
  • Find alternatives and avoid bankruptcy

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