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MedicAlert is a proudly approved NDIS provider.
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MedicAlert offers more than just medical identification jewellery

MedicAlert offers more than just medical identification jewellery. When you purchase one of our products, you’re also investing in a vital MedicAlert membership. This allows emergency services to quickly recognise your conditions, allergies, implants, devices, identification needs or management plans, and provide the fastest and most effective treatment in an emergency.

MedicAlert membership is just $49 a year

MedicAlert membership gives you access to a range of exclusive benefits:

Protection for 12 months

24/7 emergency service access to your medical information

Exclusive member only offers

Unlimited wallet and fridge cards listing your details

Secure online access to your electronic health record

Support from our Membership Services team

MedicAlert speaks for its members in an emergency

My husband and I are out most weekends and for me, MedicAlert membership is one of the cheapest forms of life insurance you can buy.
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  • Keep wearing your MedicAlert jewellery and tell your family and friends about it they may need one too. Not only could it save your life, there are styles to suit everyone and you know it is always there for.
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  • I could be anywhere and eat something that triggers a reaction, so if I can t speak for myself it is good to know that the information on my bracelet will let someone know what my condition is and provide.
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