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Nathan Peterson

Organizational Leadership Alumnus

I wanted to go with a program that afforded me some name recognition, to get an MBA from a place people had heard of and could relate to. I looked at other programs in Portland, and Oregon State was the best value. It’s significantly more cost effective and I couldn’t see the upside of paying that much more. Plus, traveling all over the country, I had to have flexibility.

-Marketing Manager | The Standard

Rachel Salazar

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

I knew I wanted to work for an apparel company, ideally Nike, and it’s worked out great for me. I definitely got everything I wanted out of it. In the OSU MBA program, I not only learned in my classes and from my professors and instructors – my classmates were from all over the world. The smaller class sizes were really appealing, and we got a lot of hands-on feedback and support. The professors are super eager to provide feedback and help students get more out of the program.

-Global Procurement Sourcing Analyst | Nike

Eric Vela

Organizational Leadership Track

After being a principal research scientist for year and a half, I was promoted to management because of the vision I had; I was young and a new employee, and my management liked my grandiose visions. But I had done nothing but research, and now I was being asked to manage about $3 million a year in the program and a staff with 20 to 25 direct reports. I had never taken a business class before I started in the MBA program, and it seems like regardless of what the class is, anything I learn at OSU I can apply in my job that day. I really appreciate the way the program is set up to be applied on a daily basis.

– Medical Research Scientist | Oregon Health Science University Portfolio Manager

Maria Sar

Organizational Leadership Track

I hit the button to request more information, scheduled a call with a recruiter to learn more about the flexibility of OSU’s MBA program and that eased my worries about working and going to school at the same time. OSU made it easy to go back to school, and I’ve loved the MBA program and faculty. I’m a full-on supporter, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It definitely got me where I am today. The OSU MBA program is very flexible – not easy – but manageable, doable. And I’m glad it’s not easy. If it were, that would be an issue.

-Procurement Contractor | Nike

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