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Also, you can feel free to tell us about your idea or invention – as we re registered patent attorneys, anything you disclose to us is automatically protected by Federal Legislation under section 200 of the Patents Act .

We re in the heart of the Sydney CBD at 65 York Street, and when we get in touch with you we d love to invite you to our offices for a complimentary consultation so that we can get to know more about your commercial needs. If you re interstate, don t worry, many of our clients are and we will touch base by telephone or skype.

Patentec provides individualised. capped-fee and expert patent attorney services.

If you have a commercially valuable idea or invention, Patentec is one of Australia’s leading intellectual property firms providing individualised. capped-fee and expert patent attorney services. Our growth philosophy is simple: we want you to be impressed by our clear, efficient and effective services. We take the time to maximise the probability of acceptance of your applications through our thoroughly prepared and well drafted patent, trade marks and design specifications, obtaining for you the broadest possible scope of international patent protection.

Individualised Attention

We ll know you by name, not simply a client number. This way, we re intimately familiar with your commercial objectives at all stages of your patent application process.

Unsolicited feedback from Clients

Choosing your service is quickly proving to be the right move your upfront transparent way of operating isn t common amongst legal firms and you should be complimented!!

Ray Business owner

I applaud your capped fee pricing policy and am more than happy to work with you on this basis. It seems to be an approach that should guarantee the best possible outcomes.

Greg, Agricultural Apparatus Inventor

What distinguishes you markedly from patent attorneys is as I said earlier is your honesty and your approach with the client in mind; much adrift from others I have met in the game.

I m very happy with the job thats been done on the patent. I was drawn to Patentec because of its software patent experience and from the detail in the document I wasn t let down.

Lucas, video augmentation software platform inventor

Well done! The patent specification looks really good and thank you for getting it prepared so quickly you have done an awesome job

Ryan e-commerce platform inventor

I so appreciate all the time you have given me. you helped me so much with your advice and expertise and I am so grateful.

Miriam inventor

In this Patentec patent tutorial, we’ll look at the patent process and how to protect your idea both in Australia.

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  • The full Federal Court has handed down the long anticipated decision of Research Affiliates LLC v Commissioner of Patents [2014].

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