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Per Capita Debt

This article addresses the Per Capita Debt calculation of the United States National Debt. As I write this article, the National Debt is approximately $12.1 trillion according to the Treasury Department. According to Census Bureau estimates, there are approximately 115 million households in the United States with a total U.S. population of 308 million.

So using the above figures from the U.S. Government, we can calculate the following per capita debt figures.

Each U.S. household’s share of the National Debt is just over $105,000.

Each U.S. resident’s share of the National Debt is just over $39,000.

These “per capita debt” figures are just one way of illustrating how serious the National Debt problem is in this country. If you are concerned about the growth in the National Debt, let your Congressman and Senators know how you feel.

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