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Per Capita Income of Various Indian States [2016]

[Note: This post has been updated to show the most recent numbers]

The Government of India recently released the per capita Income numbers and India’s capital city Delhi has come out to have the highest per capita income in the country.

Interestingly the PCI of Delhi is over 7 times higher than state of Bihar and 4 times more than 9 other states. Given that Delhi is a Union Territory, it may not be a right comparison, even then the difference is too large to take notice.

Delhi’s per capita income stood at Rs. 2,01,083 as compared to Bihar’s 22,890. PCI for 6 Indian states is not available, including Gujarat, Kerala, Mizoram, Chandigarh, Rajasthan and Goa.

In 2012, Goa had the highest Per Capita Income followed by Delhi. It very well may be true this time as well, however, we cannot confirm due to non-availability of Figures.

The State/UT-wise estimates of Per Capita Income (measured as Per Capita Net State Domestic Product) at current prices for the last three years and corresponding percentage change over the previous year are given as below:-

State/UT-wise Per Capita Income at current prices and corresponding percentage change

Did you know that Goa has the highest per capita income in India and on the other hand Uttar Pradesh has the lowest!

Ok, if you are confused about what Per Capita income is – here is a short and simple answer. Per capita income is a unit to measure average income of an individual derived from the income of a geography, such as a country or state or city. It is calculated by taking a measure of all sources of income of a geography and dividing it by the total population.

According to the latest figures released by Government – Goa leads the country with per capita income of Rs. 1,92,652/-, while Bihar has the lowest with a per capita income of only Rs. 24,681/-. An average Goan earns 6 times more than an average Bihari!

As per latest 2012 figures, Delhi comes in second after Goa with PCI of Rs. 1,75,812 followed by Chandigarh (1,28,634 2011) Haryana (1,09,227).

State Wise Per Capita Income Comparison

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