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secured debt

Welcome To The Redemption Service!

Secured debt

Begin by becoming a Secur ed Party Creditor through our one and only – Only O ne O f I ts K ind – ad vanced , powerfully effective UCC Redemption Process. ou r Secured Private Title Bond Process.

T he Redemption Service has everything to become an A DVA NCED secured party creditor, successfully operate as one , successfully prev ail as s uch , and live the true upgraded lifestyle of this. Your journey begins by doing a proper and professional UCC R edemption P rocess (via our advanced Secured Private Title Bond Process) to become a secured party credit or ” holder in due course” over your birth T itle and strawman account, with an established secured title lien over your birth certificate strawman , and then u se our Powerful tools, training, services, resources, materials and applications as rock solid, sure-fire remedies to defeat ANY financial or legal situation.

Entry And Advanced Level Redemption User Library Tool-Kit on compact disc.

Secured debt

Take control of ALL of your Title(s) on all levels (local, state and federal levels). Enforce your Rights (over Your Title(s) and Their Contractual Duties (Their Oath of Office and their Bonds)

A ” USER’s LIBRARY” with actual “TOOLS” for handling and conducting ALL of your future legal and financial affairs AS a Secured Party Creditor AFTER you have BECOME an advanced, perfected, Secured Party Creditor through our Proprietary Process. Loaded with advanced resources, including hours of audio files. The Ultimate Toolkit for taking all of this to another whole new level of Empowerment.

Any type legal or financial situation that you could ever possibly encounter!

Use the Redemption Service Matrix Toolkit Disc to “Chargeback,” “Discharge,” Vanquish and Eliminate all of the following:

Secured debt



Always At Your Fingertips!

Slap It Into Your Computer Tray,

Open It Up, And Let It Empower You.

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This Even Does Wonders To Repair Your Credit.

Secured debt

Chargeback Traffic Tickets.

Use this Process to beat traffic tickets, stop car repossessions, stop or recover forfeitures, and to WIN in Court EVERY TIME! Protect yourself from bogus CIVIL lawsuits, as-well-as any malicious, unwarranted or unconstitutional CRIMINAL prosecutions. When you have Secured your PROPERTY (Yourself) and Rights (Original Public Law) through our Advanced UCC Redemption Process (Our Secured Private Title Bond Process), you are NOW assured 100% GUARANTEED FULL Lawful protections in ANY proceeding. And IT WORKS!

Become a Secured Party Creditor over your Birth Certificate Title.

Now you can become a Secured Party Creditor the Right Way! . over your Birth Certificate Information and ALL information pertaining to YOUR personal identity as relates to YOUR Birth Certificate. With our proprietary flagship process – you become a private secured party over not only your very Birth Title (Strawman) Information (Name/ID printed in ALL-UPPER-CASE letters), but you then OWN the Creditor Rights over it! Which means that you then own all of your bad credit information, as well. And NOBODY can use even any part of your Private TITLE, let alone your bad credit information, for ANY PURPOSE what-so-ever, without your consent, when you OWN that information. You practically end up OWNING your Title and your very debt! Because when nobody can publish, or use, your Title, nor your debt information, for any reason what so ever – then you might as well say that you OWN that Title and that debt! Achieve all of this through The Redemption Service, here and now!

When you were born, you were born a Live – living, breathing, flesh-and-blood human being, and considered SOVEREIGN! You were only subject to your parents at that moment in time. Then one of your parents entered ( signed) their signature onto a birth record. That birth record was the preliminary document that was then soon after converted into and became your Live Certificate of Birth (a/k/a your Birth Certificate! ). It was also a contract with the State government between your parents and the State inadvertently, unknowingly, made by your parents THROUGH their signature. Through the parent s signature all Title to the child is released to the State (signed over to it). The State then assumes commercial control over the contract (birth certificate) and processes that contract more-or-less as if it were Articles of Incorporation. In doing so, they ultimately change all letters within the birth certificate contract entirely into all UPPER-CASE letters, whereby they establish an ens legis strawman fictional commercial debtor corporation (the child s name in all-caps), legally representative of the child. Legal fictions such as that of corporations being artificial persons, are lawfully restricted from entering into contracts with Live flesh-and-blood human beings, and are lawfully restricted to using only UPPER-CASE letters with regards to their Title identification upon all contracts and legal papers. This is for to legally/lawfully distinguish them from Live flesh-and-blood people so to prevent them from ever imprisoning human beings as slaves. This has remained well grounded, well established mandate for hundreds of years even going back to the 1200’s AD. Also, an early landmark Supreme Court case from the year 1795 further defined this grounded fact very well.

Penhallow v. Doane s Administrators (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed 57; Dall. 54), defines governments succinctly:

governments are corporations. Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary having neither actuality nor substance is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. thereof, can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”

One might immediately dispute this statement by pointing out that people are acted upon by agents of government and are regulated, fined, imprisoned, plundered, brutalized, and killed by government officials every day.

. (To Continue Reading Click: HERE )

Have All Of Your Entire Documents. EVERYTHING. Professionally Prepared And Completed By Us. We Will Even Help You With The Advanced Stage Of The Process, As Well, By Preparing And Assisting You In The Chargeback Process! We Are The ONE And ONLY Service That Will Assist You In A Process Beyond Just The Preparation of The Security Agreement, Power Of Attorney, Hold Harmless Indemnification, Common Law Notice, and Other Initial Documents. That Is What Sets Us Apart From Anyone Else In America Today And Why We Are #1 And Always Will Be! We Are The ONLY One That Will Go This Entire Distance With You and Perfect Your Claim with Our Proprietary Process. We Will HELP YOU To Become A Complete, Advanced, Secured Party Creditor. You Then OWN Your Title And Debt Information! Beware of Others Today attempting to Imitate us. You Have No Excuse Not To Become Secured Competently and Professionally! Do It Now.

Want to learn more? See our “Overview” page (Left-side Navigation bar “Overview” button). Our Overview page outlines, in narrative detail, a general summarized description of what was, up until recently, mostly hidden and unknown elements – that comprise what became the eventual discovery and reasons behind doing a UCC Lien Process. Surely an overview that guarantees to drastically change your perception of things (Like when Dorothy realized she was no longer in Kansas!). We also offer a “study guide,” as an educational “eye-opener” for first timers new to this information. Our Study Guide enables the reader to accelerate through a general yet thorough study to more “immediately” ascertain a logical and fundamental understanding that exceeds beyond just basic awareness. Yet still provides enough “extensive” information for those interested in expanding their knowledge and awareness into more in-depth details and a far greater understanding what this is in its entirety, and what we here at The Redemption Service represent. But first, go to our “Overview” page (Left-side Navigation bar) for a general narrative overview outlining what this is all about. Thanks again for visiting!

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