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Why revExpress

The most recognized brands use revExpress to collect money online, gain express consent and deliver secure documents electronically.

Using a proven strategy, we guide companies to increased profits and compliance online. Our technology is flexible and customizable to meet your individual needs.

We believe problems often create opportunities. Problems are swirling around us in the form of onerous laws, lawsuits and predatory consumers. With the right approach, these problems can become opportunities to soar to greater heights of profitability and compliance.

When revExpress started in 2010, making a payment online was about as easy as filing a tax return. With our suite of products, we have taken a complex process and made it incredibly easy for a consumer to pay or grant consent online.

Our vision is to be the simplest, most effective way for consumers to pay their bills and grant consent online. Our software has both the call center and the consumer in mind at all times. You can see for yourself by scheduling a demo today.

Core Product Benefits


We think its weak when companies hide their fees or make it crazy complicated to understand their fees. Our pricing is simple, straightforward and affordable.

Better Compliance

Our commitment to you: Every product we make improves your compliance position.

Increased Revenue

revExpress is all about using next generation technology to drive efficiency and profitability.

No Forced Accounts

If the first thing your consumer sees is a registration page, you are losing 50% of your payments before they ever start.

Airtight Security

Using state-of-the-art secure cloud technology, our certifications include HIPAA, PCI level 1 and Regulation E compliance.

Easy Start Up

We take the pain out of start up process. Depending on the complexity of your needs, we can even have you set up within a few days.

Mobile Friendly

With close to half of all transactions now done on mobile devices, all revExpress solutions look and work perfectly on smartphones, tablets or computers.

No Long-term Contracts

We design our products to work so great you won t want to leave. No long-term contracts, no cancellation fees. If you find something better, use it!

In 30 days using RevExpress, we have increased revenue by over 600 percent on a high volume/low recovery client. Because of the results realized, we will be adding RevExpress to our other accounts. John Younggreen, Vice President, Carter-Young

In addition to the increased revenue seen by utilizing RevExpress, HRMG has been able to take advantage of notifications sent from RevExpress for direct patient follow-up to cure the accounts where there were no similar solutions available with this additive functionality. Jon Nixon, Executive Vice President, CMRE/HRMG

By working closely with RevExpress and using their expertise our clients achieve outstanding payment results. They are extremely easy to work with and professional in all aspects. I highly recommend RevExpress to all companies interested in improving their revenue cycle management. Robert Ashner, President, Ashner Group, Inc.

RevExpress is a great company with excellent customer service. Anytime I need help with anything they are always there with a quick response. I would absolutely recommend their services as an online payment company. Latoya Santiago, Rash Curtis and Associates

Since starting with RevExpress we have seen an increase in payments and payment plans. In addition to the ease of use of the online payment tool and the increase in payments, their customer service is great. Anytime I have a question or need help I always get a quick, helpful response. Misty Monk, Critical Access Billing

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