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SharePoint Migration Tools | SharePoint 2016/2013/2010/2007/Office 365/OneDrive for Business

Sharepoint content migration tool

“One-tool-fits-all” SharePoint & Office 365 migration solution

Migrating content repositories from older versions of SharePoint and legacy or unsupported Document Management and Enterprise Content Management applications can be a challenging task for several reasons. Vyapin strives to build enterprise-grade, feature rich and user-friendly migration solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 to address this critical challenge. We are proud to have released one of the very first file share to SharePoint migration tools in the software industry. Vyapin’ s SharePoint migration solution has enabled several thousands of our customers solve complex content migration scenarios with panache for over 16 years.

Why Dockit Migrator for SharePoint?

  • Sixth generation SharePoint migration solution supporting migration to SharePoint 2001 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 and Office 365.
  • Handles a variety of migration scenarios – both simple and complex, with its rich and powerful feature set.
  • The maturity and its adoption by customers over the years makes it The Gold Standard in file share migration to SharePoint for the rest of our competition to catch up with.
  • Terabytes of data migrated from file shares to SharePoint by large multinational corporations in Energy, Oil, Mining, Power and Financial sectors and other Fortune 500 companies in the past 16 years.

Express migration tool for Office 365 / OneDrive for Business

Use Cases

  • Consolidate and re-organize site collections, webs, libraries, lists, documents and list items between SharePoint servers or SharePoint versions.
  • Apply complex migration rules to select, filter and move documents / list items and their respective versions to eliminate unwanted or duplicate sites, lists and documents during migration.
  • Apply new metadata, modify existing metadata or reclassify document content types during the SharePoint / Office 365 migration process to make documents searchable & accessible.
  • Update document metadata to documents that have been migrated to SharePoint using a new metadata file without altering the version stack and the key author and date properties. This feature is extremely useful to tag fresh metadata, re-classify SharePoint documents and update document properties without affecting the document or file contents.
  • Built-in tools to mine out metadata from documents’ custom properties and bulk edit metadata to ensure correct content management and true usability.

Sharepoint content migration tool

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