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SQ (Schwesinger / Qadri) Attorneys is a partnership of Seattle criminal defense attorneys that vigorously fight for each and every client that we have the privilege and honor of representing. In order to achieve the best possible result on behalf of our clients, each Seattle criminal defense lawyer at SQ Attorneys analyzes every conceivable angle and issue involved in our clients’ cases.

Our legal team works tirelessly to give a voice to those accused of committing crime. We are compassionate listeners, and empathize with the fear, frustration and shame that people commonly suffer through when facing criminal charges. We create success by using these emotions to defend our clients, and to establish our clients’ character in a positive light. read more.

Politely inform the officer that you are:

  1. choosing not to answer any questions.
  • requesting the assistance of an attorney.
  • not consenting to any searches, unless otherwise authorized by law.
  • choosing not to perform field sobriety tests.
  • choosing not to give a breath sample on scene.
  • willing to take a breath test or blood test at a police station or hospital, unless after speaking with an attorney, you are advised otherwise.

    • As a parent I’ll never forget your professionalism and empathy towards young adults. A big fan!!
      – Pam

    • It put my mind at ease knowing you took good care of this and we appreciate it.
      – L.S.
    • I cannot thank you enough with our case result. This is the best we can get and it’s exactly as we expected. You are competent, knowledble and compassionate.
    • Greg was always there with kind and comforting words that made me feel better and made me realize this single incident didn’t define me as a person.
      – WW
    • I was wrongfully convicted of a misdemeanor crime. Greg was the only one who personally called me the very next morning and outlined his plan of defense.
      – Nick
    • Saad, thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I sincerely appreciate the effort you put out for my cases. Good luck in all your others. Thanks again.
      – “S.H.”
    • Greg did an amazing job with my representation. after months of negotiating he was able to produce a great result that saved my career.
      – “KB”

    -by Greg Schwesinger

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