Take back your STRAWMAN, secured debt.#Secured #debt

Take Back Your STRAWMAN

I can show you how to cancel your Birth Certificate Contract (the state owns your title) and become a birthright American National;

I can help you cancel your voters registration your marriage license and stop your employer from withholding income taxes;

I can show you how to translate your way through the best attempts of lawyers to obscure the true parties of interest in any legal process.

ARTICLE I. The Stile of this confederacy shall be The United States of America. (ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION)

Spend the hour this video requires and take notes. Then revisit it and take notes again. Repeat until you are able to easily tell the difference between United States of America and The United States of America and the various other distinctions used to confuse and defraud Americans. https://tinyurl.com/y8z23a4z

In other words I can show you how to Correct Your Political Status and Why – unless you are a Government Employee or live in Washington DC.

Chances are you aren t obligated to be considered any form of federal Municipal CITIZEN nor as a federal Territorial Citizen, but you have been entrapped in a profit-making scheme that pretends that you have knowingly and willingly agreed to act as a volunteer federal employee – specifically, as a Withholding Agent – a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service, and that you have purposefully and knowingly enrolled in the Social Security program which is only available to federal employees in order to receive benefits from the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) which was organized in the wake of the Civil War for welfare relief of former plantation slaves.

What? You never worked a day for the federal government? You were never told that Social Security is only for federal employees and dependents? You aren t a former plantation slave? You never got any benefits?

Well, then, you have to stop calling yourself any kind of US citizen – because citizens all work for the government. They have a duty and obligation to obey every statute, code, and whim of the government as a result, and they are also liable to pay federal income taxes. You also have to stop voting in any US elections including State of State elections, because the States of States are just local franchises of the federal corporation(s) defined at 28 USC 3002 (15).

Learn how to withdraw and rescind any and all applications and enrollments as a registered voter . You have no natural interest in the elections of a foreign corporation that you don t work for, right?

If you don t get a paycheck direct from the federal government and you don t want to function as a for-free Withholding Agent and aren t interested in any benefits that you pay for yourself and don t want to be held subject to the whims of a foreign entity that is supposed to be providing you with Good Faith Service instead – then read on.

You have been mis-characterized and defrauded and you have prima facie evidence of that readily available. You think of it as your Birth Certificate, but it isn t. It is a certification that a federal MUNICIPAL PERSON was created and named after you and that at one point in your life you were a real American. You were born on your birthday, but the MUNICIPAL PERSON has a birth date which is several days or weeks later – the filing date shown on the certificate.

Please note that the Birth Certificate is printed on bond paper. It is a security instrument. Please also note that it has been signed by the Registrar – an officer of the probate court. This is prima facie evidence that your earthly estate was probated when you were only a few days or weeks old and that it was seized upon by the State of ___________ or STATE OF_________ and operated for its benefit from that time on.

Learn how to ditch the federal MUNICIPAL PERSON and the responsibilities and obligations associated with it.

Learn how to get the Birth Certificate authenticated if that is still possible in your state, or certified, if not, and then you need to learn how to endorse it and surrender it to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

(Please note the two dots between the U and the S – the U.S. Treasury.) and make Steven T. Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible for IT.

Learn the correct way to fill out Form 56, which is the IRS Form called Notice of Fiduciary Relationship . This is your Notice to Mr. Mnuchin that you are making him and his office responsible for the PERSON named after you.

Learn about the sovereign usa Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US. This bond posted in behalf of all the actual states of the Union and all the people living in those states insuring them against any further claims related to the MUNICIPAL PERSON(S) they have surrendered back to Mr. Mnuchin.

Get the template letter stating that it is your instruction to operate exclusively under 100% commercial liability and without benefit of any limited liability or other benefit of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT).

Get the addresses where to send this package of documents via Registered Mail to the Treasury. Each red and white Registered Mail label (available with instructions at all Post Offices) is unique and has an alpha-numeric identifier to track it. This includes a nine-digit number that is compatible with the federal system. As part of your assignment letter, instruct Mr. Mnuchin to open a Treasury Direct Account with that number and to please inform you when it is open for business. Also ask him to settle all debts and charges related to YOUR NAME and deposit the remainder and all other credits owed into the new Treasury Direct Account.

Now you have taken action to sever the presumption that you are volunteering to act as a federal MUNICIPAL CITIZEN, and nobody can say otherwise. From now on, IT is Mr. Mnuchin s problem and you are indemnified against any further claims or complaints related to IT .

No more Voter Registration, no more obligation to file Federal Income Taxes and no Municipal United States PERSON for the US DISTRICT COURT – that is, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION DISTRICT COURT to address.

* Rebut and return the allegation of Territorial United States Citizenship.

* file liens using a UCC-1 Financing Statement Form. The organizations doing business as your FIRST MIDDLE LAST and FIRST M.I. LAST are the DEBTORS and your non-Territorial Lawful Trade Name (aka Christian Name First Middle Last) is the Secured Party.

* Your final stop should be the State Secretary of State s Office to present him with another copy of your authenticated/certified B/C. and say I have reclaimed my birthright political status and I want the proper passport I am owed. If you aren t authorized to issue it, get on the phone and find out who is. If they attempt to drag you into one of their courts ask them where they will find the authority to address you? And where will they find a jury of your peers?

You CAN choose to Correct Your Political Status and be free of any presumption of voluntary participation in the scam forever.

The remedy IS available; for Americans; it is as simple as surrendering the PERSON provided by the UNITED STATES, INC., thereby releasing oneself from any presumption of voluntary participation in the scam.

Who do you notify when giving back the odious gift of a PERSON see: Administrative Process

Redeem Your Birth certificate and Use The Private Registered Indemnity Bond to Discharge all Public Debt... Use Your Treasury Direct Account to Charge Back

We are all going home, both the sheep and the goats, and back to what and whom we are in fact, not fiction. It means that we now have the conscious ability to see what the bastards got away with misrepresenting our political status is and how it worked to enslave us for thousands of years.

People and their governments throughout the world can now choose to live under the three simple Laws of Heaven and give up the millions upon millions of codes, regulations, and statutes. They can even choose to stop fighting over the Laws of the Land and the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Just three laws, all simple enough for a small child to understand.

Now that we are back on the land, the final jurisdiction waits.

The three simple Laws of Heaven

(1) Keep the peace;

(2) Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself;

(3) Respect the free will of others so long as it does no harm are sufficient to rule the affairs of men and nations, if you adopt them and keep them and require your governments to do the same.

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