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Over $253 Million in tax debt resolved.

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  • Irs debt forgiveness

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Irs debt forgiveness

Irs debt forgiveness

Irs debt forgiveness

Irs debt forgiveness

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Client Tax Debts Resolved

Irs debt forgiveness

Tax Relief Services

Have you received a Lien or Wage Garnishment? Don’t try to fight the IRS yourself when you can hire a team of Tax Practitioners and CPA’s to represent you. You may not owe as much as the IRS says you do. Have one of our Tax Specialists help you today.

Irs debt forgiveness

Tax Preparation Services

Community tax provides world class personalized tax preparation services. We offer the tailored experience that you expect from your tax preparation professionals, and we operate remotely so you never need to leave your office.

Irs debt forgiveness

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We have designed a service process that allows businesses to fully outsource bookkeeping and accounting to our seasoned accountants at very reasonable prices. We can adapt to your businesses needs, and completely take your bookkeeping off your hands.

Irs debt forgiveness

Tax Resolution Services

The experts that operate in this world day in and day out wear a number of different hats and help clients into personalized tax resolution services. When a taxpayer attempts to negotiate with the IRS or state to get their tax debt taken care of, they can experience frustration or ineffective results. Common frustrations include:

– Navigating the IRS guidelines that determine an individual’s eligibility for the various tax debt relief services available.

– Finding the right program to suit their needs, and filling out all the paperwork to supply evidence for their case and get the government to accept their proposal.

Irs debt forgiveness

For those with unpaid back taxes, the help of a talented and experienced tax debt negotiator is as simple as making one phone call to professionals that have aided thousands with their tax cases.

Community Tax has the tools to assist with:

– Discovering which tax resolution services offered by the IRS best fit their clients.

– How to ensure the greatest likelihood of success in the proposal process.

– Understanding every aspect of the tax debt relief services being provided to them.

– Scheduling and budgeting to fit each individual’s unique needs.

With this kind of assistance available, no taxpayer should ever have to struggle with tax debt alone.

Irs debt forgiveness

The world of tax resolution services is wide, varied and can be quite complicated. Taxpayers often find themselves lost amidst unpaid tax balances, interest, fees, liens and levies.

– They’ll receive notices that can seem threatening.

– Their paychecks can be garnished.

– Property can be seized.

All of these can lead to serious financial problems that create more and more debt and keep taxpayers from pursuing their dreams. This is why tax debt relief services exist and why increasing numbers of companies get thousands of calls every day from those with federal or state debt balances.

Irs debt forgiveness

Additional Services

Tax Debt Relief, Tax Preparation & Accounting Services

About Community Tax

Community Tax was created by Attorneys and Bankers with years of experience in both tax debt resolution and financial services. Our mission is to create a new standard for the industry, in which the customer and their best interest truly come first. We have grown tired of seeing clients getting taken advantage of and paying outrageous upfront fees for which they receive little to no service in return. Too many clients are turned away from our competitors because they couldn’t pay high upfront fees. Our corporate philosophy is that no client should pay full price for a service until they know what their options are and what kind of help they can expect from us.

Tax Words to Know

The Tax Blog

Irs debt forgiveness

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Community Tax was pretty cool. I initially called them because my tax was pretty screwed up. I first tried to contact some other company to solve the issue for me but it didn’t work out. I fell behind doing that, so I just thought maybe I needed to find somebody. Their people were very helpful and courteous with me. If I missed their call, they called me right back. They got my tax issue straightened for me and I’d recommend them to somebody.

Brent, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Liability: $7,000
  • Resolution: Offer In Compromise & Tax Preparation

I had a problem with the IRS and someone told me about Community Tax so I decided to call them. Community Tax was pretty good. It helped me out a lot. I’m happy and would definitely recommend them.

Gregorio, Nashville, Tennessee

  • Liability: $47,000
  • Resolution: Currently Not Collectible & Tax Preparation

They are the greatest. They were very professional, on point from A to Z and completed the job. I was really pleased with their work even though I was kind of afraid because I was overly taken by another company for another reason, not for tax. They got my money and do really good work. I have recommended Community Tax since and I’ve been talking about it.

Humberto, Calexico, California

  • Liability: $160,000
  • Resolution: Offer In Compromise & Tax Preparation

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Irs debt forgiveness

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