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Figure 1: Hydrographic Geodatabase of the United States One Million-Scale

Figure 2: Elevation of the Conterminous United States at 100 Meter Resolution

The National Map Small-Scale Collection

The National Map is now offering a collection of small-scale datasets that can be downloaded for free. Although the 1997-2014 Edition of the National Atlas of the United States was retired in September 2014, The National Map recognizes the importance of continuing to make a collection of the small-scale datasets, originally developed for the National Atlas, available to users.

Small-scale maps have an advantage over large-scale maps when there is a need to show a large area in a single view. This makes small-scale maps an ideal solution for scientists, decision-makers, and planners needing to provide a geographical context for the research projects. Generally, certain geographical and feature details found in large-scale maps are limited or omitted in small-scale maps. The choice of small-scale maps always comes down to the intended use of the final map.

The National Map collection of 197 small-scale datasets can be downloaded at small-scale data download page. The National Map small-scale web map and feature services can be accessed at WMS/WFS TNM Small-Scale .

Even though the 1997-2014 Edition of the National Atlas has retired, will continue to offer the Set of Dynamic Topographic Maps Illustrating Physical Features. Additionally hundreds of printable maps, which were developed for the National Atlas 1997-2014 Edition, can be found at the Printable Maps link. All of these maps display the National Atlas logo and are considered a legacy product.

The National Map Small-Scale website also link to Global Map, an international effort by national mapping organizations to produce consistent and accurate mapping data of the world at a scale of 1:1,000,000.

The National Map publishes two data collections at one million-scale: one for Global Map users and one for National Map users. In terms of vector geometry, the lines, points, and areas in these data collections are identical. The difference is in the attributes assigned to these features.

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