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Transworld Systems National Debt Collection Company

Quick Facts About Us

Since 1970, Transworld Systems has been providing tools to businesses to improve their cash flow. Our clients include small businesses, banks, hospitals, retailers, universities, cities, manufacturers virtually any organization that accepts checks or extends credit.

Our proven system helps companies recover money owed to them, and our industry-leading results earn their ongoing confidence. More than 60,000 businesses currently entrust us with their slow-pay and non-paying accounts. In return, we recover three times more money than our competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Transworld gets credit for the highest recovery rate in the industry. Barron s

Taking Care of Our Clients

Transworld s industry-leading solutions, Accelerator and Profit Recovery service, offers clients a quick, easy and affordable way to manage their accounts receivable and past-due accounts.

Contact us today for a free demo of our Online Client Portal! Check out how easy and convenient managing your organization s past due accounts online can be!

a long-term, proven record of being able to deliver twice the normal recovery rate at a fraction of the normal cost. Shearson Lehman

People and Diversity

Transworld Systems believes individual differences have produced genuine competitive advantages in our market. Leveraging the diversity of our team, we have maximized our productivity and enhanced the quality of services we are able to provide all of our clients.

Our Diversity Principles

Transworld Systems will establish and maintain an environment that:

  • Values individual differences
  • Fosters mutual respect and open communication of ideas
  • Attracts, develops, supports, and retains a diverse team
  • Increases our competitive advantage by leveraging the knowledge, skills, and unique talents of our team
  • Enhances career opportunities by working to develop each team member to his or her full potential
  • Provides an open climate for creative thinking and innovation
  • Is recognized by our team, clients, and the community as a fair and rewarding company.

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