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the amount by which an amount (of money etc ) is less than the amount required. a deficit of several hundred dollars. tekort, nadelige saldo, agterstand عَجْز مالي дефицит déficit schodek das Defizit underskud; minus έλλειμμα déficit puudujääk کمبود؛ کسری vaje déficit גירעון घाटा manjak deficit defisit vöntun; (tekju)halli deficit 赤字 적자 stoka, deficitas deficīts, iztrūkums kekurangan deficit underskudd. manko niedobór كسر(په تېره بيا په عايداتو كې défice de­ficit дефицит deficit primanjkljaj deficit underskott, brist, deficit การขาดทุน açık. noksan 虧空額,赤字 брак; дефіцит خسارہ số tiền thiếu hụt 亏空额,赤字



n. déficit, deuda; falta; deficiencia.


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The effect of timing and severity of water deficit on growth development, yield accumulation and nitrogen fixation of mung bean.

Drought is one of the most effective stresses on plant’s development and production because water deficit limits the photosynthesis, stimulates plant to produce more ABA that in turn induces more stomatal closure, increases water movement resistance in plants, changes leaf’s energy output, decreases hydraulic conductivity and disrupts plant’s thermodynamic temperature.

Due to the economic repercussions that used as an effective medicinal plant and as fodder and the limited knowledge available regarding the effects of biofertilizer under water shortage conditions on morphological and physiological characteristics of this plant, this research was carried out to find out the best method for PGPB application under water deficit stress conditions in a field study.

The experiment was conducted in a completely randomized design in a factorial combination that analyzed four genotypes (BRS 187 8H and ACALA SJ-4– water deficit tolerant; CNPA 7H and SU-0450/8909 — water deficit sensitive) and two water regimes (watered/always irrigated and stressed/with a water deficit imposed at flowering).

Occurrence of soil water deficit or termination of rains during the critical stages of maize growth and development results in low biomass accumulation and ultimately leads to low yields [22].

In addition, water deficit stresses affects on source and sink relations.

In a statement Sunday, Minister Muhammad Zafer Al-Alem warned of an alarming water deficit of 36 MCM, which was expected to limit both drinking and irrigation water availability during the summer; therefore, the minister announced that summer farming was to be stopped this year to save up to nine MCM by rationing the water allocated for farming.

Description. This project emerged from a Planning Grant that funded a technical study, which calculated that the community has for a while been suffering from a water deficit of 29% per day.

Azimi et al [1] indicated that application of bioregulators: amino acid and salicylic acid reduced negative effects of water deficit and increased yield and yield components of wheat.

The problem is now so critical that Lebanon’s Energy and Water Resources Ministry warned in 2007 that the country could have a water deficit by the end of this year.

Minister of Water and Irrigation/Minister of Agriculture Hazem Al Nasser said the dam would cover 10 percent of Jordan water deficit. as Jordan is one of the 10th poorest countries in water resources in the world, according to Nasser.

Speakers from several countries will discuss the effects of viticultural practices on flavor, including water deficit and crop loads on wine quality, the effects of ripening and composition on sensory attributes, vine microclimate effects on wine flavor, and influence of leaf removal on wine grape quality.

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